Thursday, October 18, 2012

temporary thoughts and feelings..

When will it be my turn to run into the one for me? Sometimes I feel like I’ve already come across the one for me, but then again it can’t be true. In order for it to be true, both him and I have to have mutual feelings towards each other right? I really just don’t know anymore. I’m usually content nowadays being independent and how I am right now, but sometimes being alone really hurts. I know I’m still young and I have my future ahead of me to worry about instead of thinking about such a trivial topic.. but I really miss being in a relationship sometimes. I miss putting my effort into making a significant other happy. I know that all of my past efforts into significant others have failed to meet their standards, but I’m starting to fear that I won’t remember how to do such things again. I’ve been trying so hard to be independent, and most of the time it’s been successful, but times like these make me really think that I’ve gone no where with my efforts. 

How to deal with temporary feelings?

It's never easy to deal with it. Nak halau perasaan yang dah sebati dengan jiwa is too hard to do. Trying to knowing someone else it's not a good way because you already have a crush on him. And you can only see him in someone else eyes.But.. it’s okay. These are just temporary thoughts and feelings of mine. All of this will only build up to the best I can be for myself and the next person who comes along. :) Biarkan sahaja temporary feelings ini dalam hati kau. Lama lama nanti when times goes, it will gone. Dah nama pun temporary. It will gone sooner or later.

Mmg sukar rasanya bila kita ada perasaan t'suka o t'minat dgn some1 yg tidak sepatutnya, for the example b'kawan dgn sesorang yg suda memiliki someone special in their life..pada mulanya mmg sekadar hanya ingin b'kawan but when the friendship it is too long and has become a closely, the other feeling comes.Sangat-sangat b'harap ini semua hanyalah temporary dan bukan permanent..

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Mia Liana said...

kena hati2... kalau dah tersuka dengan orang yang dah berpunya kena cepat2 lupakannya. kalau lambat nanti melarat dan kita sendiri yang terluka dalam diam.. huhuhuh